Television Production

International credentials from the award-winning team

An eclectic mix of genres

The Creative Imagineers team brings broadcast production experience from the widest range of programme genres. Predominantly factual-based, our output has included politics, news and current affairs alongside history, science & technology, sport and entertainment.

Our specialism in science & technology has brought us many awards and nominations from organisations such as The New York Film & Television Festival, BAFTA Scotland, The Royal Television Society, The British Medical Association Film Awards and others.

These programmes covered subjects such as the workings of the human brain, the fight against obesity, the history of Mankind's control of the atom, and the downing of Pan Am flight 103 on the town of Lockerbie.

We bring experience of filming in Europe, Africa, the Far East, South East Asia, the United States and, of course, the UK.

With Creative Imagineers you can be sure the production will perform.